Jun 1, 2012

Kellogg’s classics

Whilst most of the UK (packaging included) is covered in bunting, Union Jacks and the Queen’s profile, it is encouraging to see Kellogg’s do something different to celebrate the Jubilee.

As most modern day cereal brands try to out-do each other on shelf with vibrant colours, cool 3D character illustrations, giveaways and mixtures of foil, matt and gloss print techniques, the vintage Kellogg’s designs are refreshingly simple.

Using the original character illustrations from the 50′s, they achieve great stand out on shelf with their ‘back to basics’ logos and flat colours.

What Kellogg’s have managed to achieve, where many other Jubilee packaging offerings have failed, is to remind us that they have been there on the breakfast table for decades, and will continue to be there for decades to come.