As a big chocolate fan I was pleased to see Cadbury as the official ‘treat sponsor’ for London 2012. The brand has used its sponsorship to bring out a number of different limited edition chocolate bars over a longer period than most, launching promotions such as ‘spots v stripes’ and ‘big race’ in 2011. A newer manifestation, and one that I couldn’t wait to try was Cadbury’s take on the Olympic mascots Mandeville and Wenlock.

Packaging shows the characters in both standard and more tourist-targeting poses such as a Horseguard or a Yeoman Warder, with a window on the tasty morsels inside. The Cadbury-owned Bassetts brand also uses the same strategy with their ‘jelly mascots’, but for me it was no contest, chocolate always wins!

It’s a shame that the outer packaging doesn’t help these small packs get noticed on the shelf, either graphically or in terms of merchandising.