Apr 25, 2012

Nature’s not that idyllic

Part of the authenticity game is not being seen to try too hard, so the beautifully crafted design above might be pushing its luck. The muted colours and matt card work well, but that stapled, handwritten ‘shopping list’ seems a bit contrived, and the traditional pattern on the bowls doesn’t come in those colours. But I’m being very picky, and for the average dorset cereal buyer this prettied-up version of nature, looking great on the breakfast table, is just what they want.

In its cheap shiny plastic tub and equally cheap shiny label in six languages, Pur Natur is a long-standing bio brand that doesn’t do pretty, or straight. But I’m strangely more convinced about the naturalness of the contents.

Takeout: horses for courses, I suppose, but your hand-made with love story can get a bit schmaltzy if you let it.