After seven years of planning, preparation and creation the London 2012 Olympics are finally upon us.

Whilst the architecture and showmanship might not be quite up there with Beijing 2008, the project has redeveloped a neglected area of London’s eastern suburbs, and built excellent stadia for the event itself and future athlete training.

Many Londoners will be moving out of town to escape the wettest year since records began, and perhaps renting their houses and flats to visiting sports fans for a small fortune.

Meanwhile the corporations who bid for the prize of ‘Official Olympic Sponsor’ are busy getting a return on that investment. Much of that will come in the form of improved business relations with the beneficiaries of corporate hospitality, but there’s also the chance to sell more products.

Just like the athletes the participating brands have had years to prepare for this moment, honing their product development and marketing muscles to perfection, and bursting onto the shelves in a blaze of glory. That’s the ambition anyway, but just as in the Olympics there are the winners, and those just pleased to be there…