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Correct the perceived positioning of the Cranes range from ‘alcopop’ to a craft fruit cider.



OP Web Cranes 01 (RGB)


As designers what’s not to like about the craft boom in food and drink? Products made at small scale with passion, using high quality ingredients to create unique and tasteful experiences.

OP Web Cranes 03

Design Solution

The client had already selected a 500ml brown bottle which took us half way to our goal.

Having kept the distinctive diamond label shape we strengthened the word mark, and added a second Crane drawing as a subtle reference to  Ben & Dan, twin brother brand owners.

High quality paper stock with the messaging split across two offset front labels gave us the necessary craft. Colour coding of the variant label as well as a matching ‘stain’ within the ingredient illustration provide subtle but appetising flavour cues.

OP Web Cranes 04

Project type

Brand Refresh

What we did:

Brand Identity
Packaging design
Label stock specification

OP Web Cranes-Assets