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Update the branding and packaging design (unchanged for over 20 years) for a brand of natural, cloudy juices produced on the family farm in Flevoland.

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Flevosap is a 100% natural, sweet and crisp apple juice, which is partially filtered (so cloudy). It’s the cloudiness that makes Flevosap taste a whole lot nicer than the rather bland mass-produced, clear yellow liquid that constitutes most of the apple juice market.



We preserved the naivety of the original design but added warmth and charm. The simple scene of a smiling apple in the wide open Polder landscape has been given context by adding the orchard. A sense of craft is achieved by creating all the graphic elements and typography as if cut from apple peel.

The pay-off from our good friend Ed: ‘Het sap waar je de smaak ziet zitten’ adds a new asset to the label. Hard to translate but it captures the insight perfectly: the taste is visibly ‘sitting’ in the juice.


Project Type

Brand Evolution

What we did:

Brand Identity
Packaging design
Character design
Brand extension
Exhibition stand

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