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Evolve (in line with a new Global positioning) the brand identity for Friesland Campina’s most exported brand, with a presence in 90+ countries. At the same time resolve regional variations that had crept in through independent re-designs in two lead countries.

OP Web- Frico Farmer


By providing everyday love and devotion to their families, often with food as a catalyst, women across the world are the unsung heroes of societal progress and well-being. Cheese is one of their biggest allies in meal making, and Frico is often a long-established import that is trusted for quality, naturalness and great taste.

OP Web Frico- Slider

Design Solution

Alongside careful evolution of the red and yellow logo to make it more friendly and nurturing, we created an illustrated, idyllic vision of lush Dutch meadows, created in the brand colours, to support provenance and natural goodness. The logo is no longer ‘stuck on’ but acts as the gateway to this scene.

Far from being just a packaging design system, these storytelling assets have been  strategically developed to work across all communication touchpoints.

Project type

Global Brand Harmonisation

What we did:

Brand Identity
New Distinctive Assets
Packaging design system (30+ SKUs)
Shopper & Digital brand templates
Brand Book

OP Web Frico-Assets 3