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Evolve the Visual Brand Identity to capture the brand promise in an iconic but flexible way. Create a clear family feel for a diverse portfolio of charismatic beers.

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If you want to make a beer brand distinctive you can do a lot worse than name it after a 13th Century, battle-loving, womanising Duke with a twinkle in his eye and a tankard in his hand. We kept that bit.


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Design Solution

We focused on creating a strong brand architecture that balanced the key recognition and purchase drivers: Powerful and consistent branding, appetising beer images supported by clear colour codes, and seasonal imagery where relevant.

Integrated within this framework (but without compromising hierarchy of information), we’ve managed to integrate both the Brewery and the Brewers in the pack storytelling.

Project Type

Brand Evolution

What we did:

VBI (Visual Brand Identity)
Packaging design system
Brewer’s stories
POS and promotion displays
Sub-brand development (Grand Prestige)
Brand extension & innovation:

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