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Identify the optimum positioning of the Jack Link’s brand for European consumers, and redesign the packaging to reflect this.

Jack Link’s is a family business with a billion dollar turnover in meat snacks, a diverse category whose signature product is Beef Jerky.

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Increasingly busy lifestyles have driven snacking growth for many years, but a second wave of growth is now being fuelled by the healthier eating trend. High protein, low fat / low carb foods in particular are being adopted enthusiastically by consumers.

New meat snacks like Jerky appeal to young, active men as a high quality, empowering snack with a genuine craft maker story.

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Design Solution

We identified the key drivers for Jerky in Europe as masculinity, nutritional value and great taste, seasoned with a pinch of American craft. This was delivered by ‘bigging up’ Jack’s steer symbol and red and black colourways, with tough typography framing a lean meat feast.

Project Type

Brand Repositioning

What we did:

Visual Positioning
Packaging design
Shopper marketing displays
Sponsorship branding
Brand videos
Brand extension - Beef Sticks

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