It must be weird to live near the equator and have no seasons.

The transformation of the landscape reminds us to change.

Jumpers to T-shirts, soups to salads.

Or the other way around.

Change what we think about: renewal and growth or calm reflection.

In the UK, 44% of people say Summer is their favourite season.

Sunshine, Holidays, Ice Cream; temperatures soaring to the mid 20’s.




The older we get, the more we prefer Spring.

The promise of new life.

The chance to renew our dreams.

After 2020, those crocuses are more welcome than ever.

Can we have our lives back now?



Sorry, that life is no longer available.

It won’t be back in stock soon, either.

But would you like to try our new, improved version?

Work from home when it suits you.

Anything in the world delivered to your door tomorrow.

Energy, transport, nutrition and healthcare digitised and optimised.

An economy that puts sustainability, ethics and humanity first.

Informed brands providing exactly what we need.

(Wakes up from dream involving drowning in bubble-wrap…)



Whatever the future holds, you can be sure it will be branded.

Brands will help shape the future, but will also be shaped by it.

McKinsey has identified 12 disruptive trends doing the shaping right now.

Where brands can grow, and where they might die trying.



Mass market brands continue to struggle against Private Label.

(Except when it comes to cleaning the house.)

Small and medium brands grow faster everywhere else.

Conscious living creates engaged niches with ‘explosive’ potential.

Digital media hyper-targets micro-segments in micro-occasions.

Pardon my jargon.

This calls for smarter assets, and smarter execution.



We’re renewing our agency too; that never stops.

‘What got you here won’t get you there’.

Nice soundbite, but not completely accurate.

Deep psychological truths still hold true.

Distinctive branding is still the gateway to attraction, fame and recognition.

For mass markets and engaged niches.



Coming soon: our new Creative Director.

Still a bit hush hush.

Someone who built an agency at the epicentre of disruptive trends.

And now keen to unpick ‘data-driven creativity’.

That’s a whole new bunch of crocuses…



We hope you enjoyed this Renewal edition of Unpredictable.

If you did, plant it somewhere and watch it grow.