As kids grow older they master the skills that prepare them (eventually) for adult life. It’s a long series of stages that starts with walking and talking and ends (if they’re lucky) with the ability to charm their way into a well-paid job.

But many years before charm is needed, Kids like to be able to develop independence from Mum by having their own food and drink and a unique (non adult) way of eating it. Yoplait has the answer in the form of the yoghurt tube, branded Go-Gurt in the USA and ‘Frubes’ in the UK.

With some simple but effective characterisation of the packaging and a genius advertising strapline, eating a Frube has become an act of allowed rebellion that keeps both Mum and Kids happy.

Even better, a regular series of licensed special editions keeps things topical, and best of all, the special edition ad campaigns look and feel exactly like the normal ones. This cleverly blurs the dividing line between the brand characters and the licensed ones, elevating the Frubes to versatile film stars (even if most of the storylines don’t end well for them…)