Apr 25, 2012

This is not a bottle either

So here’s a story of the mystical island of Jura, land of ancient Celtic myths and some typically rugged Scottish scenery. With names like Superstition and Elixir, iconic symbols like the Triskele and, er, others, we are invited to sense the magic of the place and by extension the whiskies. Completing the picture, assorted island scenery is framed and blurred by the enigmatic bottle shape, picked out in foil.

But does it all add up to a convincing, authentic story?

Takeout: Doesn’t work for me. It really should, but it doesn’t. The mish-mash of logo and background colours is just a bit too varied, the typography just a bit too ordinary. It’s a great concept, but just needs a bit more focus on details. The Balvenie knows a thing or two about that.