Tricks, Treats & Halloween’s distinctive brand assets.

This year’s Halloween celebrations will be muted.

No hordes of kids banging on the door, expecting a sweet treat.

We could invite four members of the Addams family into the garden.

Oh wait, that rule changed yesterday.



Halloween, or ‘All Hallows Eve’ is Western Christianity’s Day of the Dead.

Like that cool party they have in Mexico, but with crap costumes*.

We remember saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed.

Whilst eating our weight in eyeballs, severed fingers and Dracula teeth.



Over the centuries, Death has acquired a rich set of ‘Distinctive Assets’

The colour black: a heady cocktail of mystery, evil, and sexiness.

Witches and their (black) cats, which are the Devil in disguise.

Ghouls, Vampires and ‘Skellingtons’ going “Whoooh!”

Spiders and bats, well-known for their love of abandoned gothic houses.

Carved pumpkins (a premium line extension of turnips).

And perhaps the riskiest costume of all: The Grim Reaper.



Designing seasonal special editions for brands means respecting these category codes.

But don’t forget to bring your own Distinctive Assets to the party.

We’re proud to present these Frightful Spectacles, and a White Chocolate Christmas.