Mar 10, 2015

Trust me, I’m a Doctor

Who said authority figures were dead? Clearly not here, where the world of medicine is evoked to claim some very high ground indeed. The original packaging looked very stern and severe and might as well have used a stethoscope as its brand symbol; but a 2012 redesign introduced the more approachable (and meaning-rich) apple symbol, plus a palette of friendly pastel colours.

Now successfully entering a very wide range of food categories, the design system steers a clever path between responsibility and appetite appeal.

Windows to the product are used extensively but not on everything; a warm, soft-serifed typeface and carefully chosen copy signal both taste and naturalness; and claims are held in a grid system that adds to a sense of conscious ‘formulation’ as opposed to a recipe based only on taste. Meanwhile KP is talking about quality not health, and displaying that old school claims habit: ticking its own boxes.