2021 in Snippets

Another year of Zoom and Teams
and covid-coping internet memes

We hired real people in virtual spaces
No tangible clues, just voices and faces

Working from home remained the new normal
Pyjamas and jacket, the dress code informal

Vaccines appeared like valiant knights
to save our Spring days and Summer flights

The pubs and bars served outdoor beers
We even designed a brand for that. Cheers!

A year late, the Euros drew crowds big and loud
Football didn’t come home, but we can be proud

By Autumn our feet itched so much we just went
A road trip to The Netherlands, 3 days well spent

But just as we’d ridden the Delta wave
It’s that badass Omicron’s turn to rave

So back in the bunker to weather this storm
but we’ll still need the magic that makes brands perform

Ideas are magic, making brand value shine
Checkout some of this year’s at this link, online

Thanks to all our clients and friends (not mutually
exclusive!) for making 2021 much nicer than it could
have been.

We wish you all healthy and happy holidays, and look
forward to connecting with you in twenty-two.