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Consumer World: Snacking is a globally ubiquitous and growing behavior. Our busy, urban lifestyles create both the need and the opportunity to get nutritional boosts throughout the day. Regular ‘meals’ are declining in frequency, requiring new types of nutritionally dense snacks in place of sweet or savoury treats.

Brand World: North America’s Beef Jerky and Southern Africa’s Biltong are traditional staples in those regions, thanks to a history and culture of spending serious time in the outdoors. In Europe most consumption of meat as a snack is in the form of sausage or salami. But with the strong trends towards wellness and better nutrition, high protein, low fat foods are increasingly popular all over the world. Jack Link’s is the number 1 meat snack supplier on the planet, with big ambitions in Europe.

Connection: With all due respect to vegetarians and quinoa converts, meat protein is associated with power. Jack Link’s is famous in its home markets for promoting adventurous and daring activities under the strapline of ‘feed your wild side’. We’ve built on the equity within the brand by making a hero of the steer’s head symbol. Using a simple but powerful colour palette of red, black and silver, and introducing a black wood background (found in the Boardroom!), Jack Link’s now presents itself as a premium, powerful, protein snack.

Success: Jan Pieter Schretlen, Managing Director EMEA: ‘I invited Osborne Pike to work on the European relaunch of Jack Link’s, because I was impressed with their ability to decode the competitive landscape and understand the challenges for an unfamiliar food type. The Beef Sticks launch is the first in-market example of their thinking, and I’m convinced that this branding and design system will help us to create the leadership position we intend to own in protein snacking.’

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