Oct 24, 2013

Cosmetic language

We all recognise the power of the phrase ‘Laboratoires Garnier, Paris’, replete as it is with the semiotic power combo of Frenchness and science. Here in Singapore there are quite a lot of ‘L’apostrophe’ brands for the same reason, and in case you didn’t get it we’ll call this one ‘L’Action’ so you know it does something. Quite why only some of them come from Paris I can’t explain.

In the West we’ve gone through quite a long period of scientific distrust and a yearning for simpler times, reflected in authentic and natural packaging metaphors. But when you’ve got to look your best to grab the opportunities on offer, science is definitely your best friend. Clearly Paris still commands a premium though, as you can get advanced Korean labtech for a quarter of the price. Or is it simply a question of showing benefits not features?