Apr 8, 2014

Emotion by the bucket-load…

Ooh, hasn’t the yoghurt fixture got a lot more tempting lately? Suddenly everyone and his wife wants to indulge in thick, creamy Greek (or Greek-style, as my lawyers have advised me to say) yoghurts. Rachel’s has a full range of Greek Style just out of picture, but I’d like to focus on two newer arrivals to the shelf, New Zealand’s ‘The Collective’ and Holland’s Twekkelo.

Although both go for the inevitable small-scale, hand-made look they do it in very different ways. Twekkelo ‘Farmhouse’ yogurt (handwritten logo with a symbol of udders) goes for comically naive, giving the impression that the farmer’s daughter scribbled the label with her felt pens this morning. It also comes in a bucket, for that extra authenticity as you scoop it out.

Meanwhile The Collective ‘live gourmet’ yoghurt (logo fitted into the shape of a cow’s head – not the most readable but enigmatic to say the least) uses a more fashionable handwritten font and stylishly flat, tasteful colours. That includes the smooth black lid of its generous, dessert-like tub, all adding up to a great sense of handmade dairy luxury. Gold foil printing on the limited edition seals the deal, and even had me trying amaretto, which I don’t like. I do now.