Nov 1, 2014

Travel accessories

It seems obvious in hindsight, but you’ve got to applaud the insight that Veuve Cliquot now mines with great panache, to distinguish its brand from dozens of other champagnes: Travellers love accessories.

For besuited business blokes it’s a quick rummage in the electrical section, hoping to find yet another bargain camera or an iPhone charging device that weighs less than double that of the device itself.

But for the playful pleasure-seeker Veuve epitomises French chic with a frivolous range of faux luggage and other ‘objets’. Some, like this pop-up ice bucket are actually useful, others are a bit more, well, je ne sais quoi… (especially that giant sardine tin).

Resplendent in the brand’s signature orange, these packs will turn a mundane trip into a flight of fancy…