Oranges really do grow on trees in Cyprus, a fact that is evident in gardens and even in many tree-lined streets. In that context I found it interesting that the packaging seems far more contrived than in Northern Europe, where we tend to prefer the stripped-down natural look. I guess Mediterraneans need a good reason to buy a convenient form of something they could easily and cheaply make for themselves, if they could be bothered.

So whilst one particularly unnatural tree promises us ‘Life’ itself, the small Greek producer ‘Kambos of Chios’ offers a nostalgic take on life in the island village that the name describes. This is a story with great potential, but in contrast to (for example) Tyrrell’s, the execution is just too fake and clumsy to pull the necessary heartstrings. It’s not all bad though, the ambient-stable Tetra-Gemina did at least fool me into thinking this was fresh.