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Apr 11, 2011

‘Healthier’ chips prove hard to find

So you’re browsing the shelf for a few bags of snacks for the weekend. Like most people you’ll get the family favourites first, then there’s room in the trolley for something new and different, something that stands out and attracts you. Maybe something a bit healthier…

Everything comes in bags of six, but what the heck, on promotion they’re all cheap as, er, chips.

What have we here then? Sun Bites. They look like Frazzles, but I’m getting a few healthy signals, especially on the new pack. The flavour name is now in colour, much tastier, and the naive illustration and typography makes them look quite natural and home-made-ish. The old pack seems to be promoting a golf weekend…

Suddenly a steaming baked potato image enters the corner of my eye. It’s called ‘Hello flavour’. Hello sailor to you too, cheeky!

On closer inspection (if I can be bothered, in this case I can because I’m writing a blog, but most consumers aren’t), this is also a product with a health message – low salt. This design might work on a bus-stop poster, but on a pack it’s just a big messy illustration that looks far from healthy.

The brand appears as a subtle endorsement at the bottom, so clearly Seabrook have decided to invest in establishing ‘Goodbye salt, Hello flavour’ as a sub-brand. It’s certainly different from ‘Soundbites’, but for me the flavour reassurance is so loud that I can’t hear the real message.