One of our mantras at OP is that you can judge a book by its cover, but this example reminds me of an equally powerful principle: you can judge a story by its title. (Well, the story’s intent, if not its quality, but let’s not split hairs).

In stories we all love a good metaphor, and I’ve lost count of the times we refer to a brand extension or innovation as its ‘turbo’ or ‘GTi’ version.

But sometimes, just sometimes, you find the perfect project to actually go ahead and use this metaphor in the name. Pot Noodle is a curiously British phenomenon, a successful brand of (snack) food whose brand story proudly boasts its lack of food credentials.

Seeing this GTi version, I suspect there were far more ‘black & chrome’ designs presented, and I think this is one brand where fans would happily buy it. People who like food, less so.