Much excitement in the juice press (see what I did there..) about innocent by Coke’s new carafe packaging, which is genuinely appealing on the breakfast table. One-nil.

It promises to be recyclable too, so Pepsi’s Tropicana Tetrapak had better raise its game soon. Two-nil.

I don’t know whether innocent will phase out its Tetras or offer both formats, as it makes a power-play for this most mainstream of markets. But I’m glad to see it has phased out the leafy hat, which for me crossed a subliminal borderline between ‘cute’ and ‘stupid’.

Now it looks properly innocent again, and it’s truly amazing to contemplate how this name/symbol metaphor adds value to something as commoditized as Orange Juice.

The UK’s 65th biggest brand and growing at 12% says we ain’t seen nothing yet.