Famous people are now widely considered to be brands, and by our definition that a brand is a story, no more, no less, that makes perfect sense.

Jamie Oliver (the person, or bloke as he’s more accurately known) is fast becoming a very big brand, with his fingers in numerous pies (metaphorically speaking – there I go again).

Capturing such a multi-faceted (and fast-changing) story is an interesting challenge, and in Jamie’s case the branded packs present a mixed message.

There’s the slick and conventional version called ‘Jamie Oliver – keep it simple’, which is nowhere better expressed than in these delightful home herb kits. Of the numerous ‘signature’ poses the designer could have chosen, this relaxed snacking on a bowl of pasta is well chosen, and given just enough presence without dominating. It also ranges extremely well, every pack format managing to find a bottom right slot.
But we also have the much-awarded J-me range, representing a more authentic collection, produced in collaboration with a ‘group of truly talented designers and artisans’. The food packaging is a triumph of imagination over conformity, and also suits Jamie very well, though perhaps more for the committed fan than the casual Sainsbury shopper.

When you’re this prolific, and this famous, seems you can have your cake and eat it (excuse my metaphor)…