Marks and Spencer is already perceived as a patriotic brand, and their jubilee packaging really plays up to this image. I was drawn in by some huge illustrations of stereotypical British characters in the shop window, and the same illustrations can also be seen on the packaging for some typical British ‘party food’. What I love about these packs is that every product finds a different way to integrate the characters into a very British storyline, such as our love of a good queue!

The 50’s style graphics and colour palette is a relief from giant Union Jack designs, it feels light-hearted and fun, and truly captures the spirit of this summer’s events. These packs really show off what is great about Britain!

Another brand that stands out for me is ‘Ma’amite’, integrating the Union Jack and using clever puns to declare itself the epitome of Britishness. Swopping most of the brand colours and staying recognisable is a powerful testament to the iconic shape of the pack. Although I’m a ‘hater’ of the product I couldn’t resist picking it up and buying it!