What would the world do without tea and coffee? These magical elixirs offer relaxation, sociability, refreshment and consolation, sometimes all in the course of one cup. Whilst tea tends to taste fairly similar the world over, coffee comes in a variety of strengths, textures and aromas and can often tell you where you are in the world with one sniff.

Cyprus coffee has a sweet and mild flavour and smells delightfully exotic with hints of cardamom spice. I can easily imagine its ability to ‘bring you back to yourself’ (a claim often used by tea) and provide a sense of social cohesion. In this context I’m suddenly seeing the charm of this packaging for Kafes Laikou (‘the People’s Coffee’), which uses a unique colour to capture the warm glow of a freshly poured cup. Lots that could be improved of course, but that shimmering golden yellow pack literally shines from the shelf.