Procter and Gamble has done a great job of letting the world know about its corporate sponsorship of the games through numerous TV campaigns. Each commercial features a simple but elegant animation of the ‘medal’ sponsorship logo, so it makes sense to include this on packaging as well.

But here on a special edition pack for head & shoulders ‘active sport’, the entire design participates in a colourful story of sporting effort and achievement. I love the way that the colourful stylised character interacts with the brand icon, which adopts the role of a piece of sports equipment. I bet that’s not in the brand guidelines.

It’s no coincidence that the sports highlighted in this range are all about using your head and shoulders, and completing the picture the dynamic gold swoosh picks up on the bottle shape to highlight the ‘active sport’ message – a true medal-winning performance.

They’ve applied the same idea to other parts of the range like ‘Classic Clean’, but here the sporting action figure seems like an afterthought. It’s all in the details, but sometimes, in design as in sport, that makes the difference.