According to Wikipedia (how’s that for a divisive opening statement?), Cathedral City is made in a place that has no cathedral, and is not even a city.

Its rise and rise to become the dominant brand leader in the UK branded cheese market suggests that the story it tells is far more effective than the one it could have chosen (‘where this cheese comes from’).

This is not to say that ‘where this brand comes from’ is not a good story; the Dairy market is full of such stories, just ask any German what they think of Ireland’s Kerrygold; or ask a malt whisky fan which specific location on the tiny island of Islay produces the best whisky.

But in this case the ambiguity serves to allow Cathedral City to rise above regional clichés and dominate the landscape of the cheese fixture. Its rich red packaging gives no hint of rural pastures, and only a glimpse of the product (or more truthfully a square of cheese-coloured ink) through a suitably ecclesiastical window.

This story clearly has strong believers, and judging from the brand below here, some followers too.