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Make Peperami more ‘mentally available’ on shelf. Improve visibility and navigation, including new outers for upright merchandising, and to stretch the design system to communicate future product innovation on protein type and format.



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Peperami has two distinct audiences: ‘men on the move’ who buy it as a tasty handheld snack from convenience channels, and Mums with kids who tend to buy multipacks and lunchbox variants in supermarkets.

Its most distinctive asset, a character made from the product who behaves badly and proudly declares himself as “a bit of an animal”, needs careful handling to balance the appeal to these two consumer groups.

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Despite the existing pack’s boldness it was possible to simplify print effects and rebalance the graphic elements to increase shelf impact; but the biggest gain was from the smart merchandising trays which allowed products to be sold upright instead of lying down. These trays were designed to provide a green wall on shelf.

Whilst familiar flavour codes were maintained for the primary packs. Newer formats such as Minis and Snack Packs indicate usage moments to encourage impulse purchases.

Project Type

Brand Evolution

What we did:

Packaging design (primary and secondary)
Brand extension (Beef)
Character design (Beef)
Brand guidelines

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