Hertog Jan

‘For the love of beer’

We’ve worked with The Netherlands’ favourite beer brand for over six years, helping it to grow from #4 to #2 during that period. 

Guided by an evergreen pay-off that perfectly captures the brand’s value: ‘uit liefde voor bier’ (for the love of beer), we’ve polished its distinctive assets, built a robust design system around the story of its brewers and brewery, and extended the portfolio in exciting and fruitful ways.

We’ve enjoyed an incredibly fruitful working relationship with Osborne Pike, over many years.

I have worked with them on projects from new product launches to POS materials, and every time I’m hugely impressed with their eye for building consistent, distinctive brands while pushing the envelope creatively. 

Over the last five years, Hertog Jan has gone from #4 to the #2 beer brand of The Netherlands, growing not just market share but also brand meaning and preference.

OP is a true partner who’ve been an integral part of Hertog Jan’s success.

Adriaan Bos, Marketing Manager


  • Market position: from #4 to #2
  • Market share: double digit growth for 5 years

In collaboration with:
The Valley: https://www.thevalley.nl