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Archive for August 2011

Which packaging tells the best story?

In the last blog we looked at standout on shelf, describing some functional aspects like blocks of colour and the use of faces. But we believe that the most powerful form of standout is a truly engaging story. The story the pack conjures up in the mind of the consumer triggers an emotional response, overriding…

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Cool Passion

If the Coke bottle promises a little bit of American spirit wherever you are in the world, then Illy does the same for Italy. Simultaneously full of passion and utterly cool, this iconic tin takes you straight to a pavement cafeteria in downtown Milan, your Armani jacket slung over the handlebars of the Vespa. Not…

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Empty space speaks volumes

I wouldn’t mind betting that the origin of this entire brand began with a light bulb moment, prompted by a comment in a research report along the lines of: “I love chocolate desserts that are thick and gooey…” There’s another apparently true story that this design was presented to the client as if it was…

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Which came first – the chicken or the egg?

Happy egg boxes

In this case both. The delightful ‘egg-chicken’ character perched on a friendly, natural typeface makes a truly effective brand identity. The genius here lies in the name because it tells a bigger story: happy eggs means happy chickens means happy customers. Not in this shot but the brand offers an extra large size called ‘Biggies’,…

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Just my type

Great big, bold colour blocks with no product photographs or illustrations, everything you need to know about this brand is conveyed through type. What it actually says of course, but also how it feels: Raw, natural, honest. Not so long ago the packs showed a man stirring a giant pot (or ‘kettle’ in American), but…

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Having the guts

Danone is expert at turning bacteria into cash, by inventing beneficial strains and marketing them extremely effectively. Activia’s rapid rise to one of the world’s best known food brands has been helped by the simple but effective story being told by the logo, as well as a concerted bid to own the colour green on…

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..and we don’t care!!

Beers crafted designs

With brands like Punk IPA and Trashy Blonde, Brew Dog is a company whose aggressive wit leaves you in no doubt about its subversive attitude to the cosy image of brewing. Standing out like the proverbial dog’s parts, the one colour packaging sticks two fingers up at the gorgeous and intricate crafted labels and bottles…

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Balancing act

Packaging aimed at kids has to strike a tricky balance between appeal to kids and mum’s approval, with the weighting dependent on the level of treat the product offers. This recent redesign of The Natural Confectionery Co made a giant stride by making the foil matt white, whilst the illustrations, product names and typography provide…

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Taste the sea

A tough call this, because the story of Maldon sea salt is, in a literal sense, better on the old pack (pictured here on my recent holiday, probably the only time an English ingredient has ever been taken to France to improve the food…) However the new pack does a better branding job, so assuming…

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