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Archive for November 2012

The way the cookie crumbles

Apart from one brave attempt to buck the trend back in the 1990’s, I can’t remember a biscuit pack that doesn’t show the product. But if there’s one area where private label really knows how to put temptation in front of us then it’s got to be this one. Branded biscuits more than ever need a story…

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Reasons to believe

Alpro Soya Yoghurt

Dairy substitutes are steadily moving from niche products for allergy sufferers to mainstream contenders, which means taking on ‘real’ dairy products. The barriers to converting most people remain pretty high, so product visuals must make some very convincing promises. Alpro’s new packs do this across the board, with product shots that are truly (can’t help it, pretentious…

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To infinity and beyond

Magnum’s advertising established the ‘chocolate so crisp and thick that it falls off in great chunks as you bite it’ key visual, but this works best with a beautiful model attached. At the same time there are a lot of branded and Private Label copies out there, so the brand focuses on genuine product innovations with harder…

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